Tools To Conquer the End of Daylight Savings

Your daily 6pm run will get a whole lot darker in short time.  Are you ready to run safely at night?  Here are some LED light vest, light belt or LED attachment options from GoMotion:  
[caption id="attachment_1221" align="alignnone" width="114" caption="Synergy"]Synergy, tools to conquer to the end of Daylight Savings [/caption] [caption id="attachment_1222" align="alignnone" width="136" caption="LiteBelt"]LiteBelt, Tools to conquer the end of Daylight Savings[/caption]
[caption id="attachment_1223" align="alignnone" width="138" caption="Fusion"]Fusion, Tools to conquer the end of Daylight Savings[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1225" align="alignnone" width="114" caption="CoreLite"]CoreLite, Tools to conquer the end of Daylight Savings[/caption]

Synergy in Outside Magazine Buyer’s Guide

The Synergy is one of the 'wearable tech' items field tested in the new Outside Magazine Buyer's Guide.  Check it out...             

GoMotion Partners with Ragnar

GoMotion has signed on as a national partner for both the Ragnar Road Relay Series and Ragnar Trail Relays as the exclusive ‘Wearable Lighting’ supplier for the 2014 season. There are 15 road relays and seven trail relays scheduled for the year, including a partnership with the popular New Hampshire Reach the Beach Relay. Teams of 12 runners for road and eight for trail race relay-style across 120-200 miles over the course of two days and one night through some of the nation’s most scenic roads and trails.             

Men’s Journal: A Hydration Vest That Lights Your Way

Nice review from Men's Journal.  "The big problem when trail running in the dark? Predators. Second to that,  however, is keeping your footing steady on the trail.  Sure, a headlamp helps, but it often fails to show you the whole picture: glance  at something in the woods and you’ll lose sight of the rock you’re about to  stumble over. The GoMotion Synergy lightvest solves this..." Read the complete review: [caption id="attachment_1190" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Synergy Hydration LightVest"][/caption]

irunfar Fusion Backpack Light Kit Review

More and more runners who hit the trails at night are wearing a light around their waists or torsos as a supplementary or even their sole light source. [vsw id="Vh6NNJON3Dk" source="youtube" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"] Most often folks have used a headlamp to get this done. However, for a few years now, GoMotion has been offering both backpacks with built in lighting systems as well as supplementary kits that attached to your preferred hydration pack. The GoMotion Fusion Backpack Light Kit ($59.95) is the company’s latest add-on light kit that throws up to 100 lumens to brighten your trail running experience.  

Extend The Day!

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Are you ready?

[caption id="attachment_1136" align="alignleft" width="225" caption="I run, no excuses."]C[/caption] Coreen Melville is why we make GoMotion products.  She sent us this pic from one of her runs and said, "Running after work in Newton is essential for my marathon training, but it wouldn't be possible or safe without my LiteBelt". It's dark out and yeh, that's snow in the background, but Coreen is going to be ready - no excuses.  It's the thousands of runners that step up to the starting line come race day and are ready that we cater to.  They work hard, have families & commitments, but they find the time to train.  That can mean 5am or 10pm, but for most of them it's done in the dark.  Daylight savings time just added an hour to sun-up on those early morning runs as well. We will be at the Boston Marathon Expo April 12-14th (booth #2023) this year with our complete line of wearable lights for runners like Coreen who do their miles no matter what. From there, we will join the Reach the Beach crew for their Spring event in Massachusetts.  RTB has been running their over-night relays for 15 years now, with an impeccable safety record.  GoMotion is proud to partner with them as the official light supplier. Spring events are coming fast, now's the time to train & be ready! [caption id="attachment_1138" align="aligncenter" width="553" caption="Reactor Vest"][/caption]

Great video review by Running Village on our new LiteBelt

Another great option, GoMotion is next in our series on Running Lights.

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Go Nuclear…The Reactor is here!

The all-new Reactor LightVest is here and just-in-time for those late night trail runs or early morning training runs. Designed in brilliant orange mesh with irridescent front and back reflective strips and high reflective trim, the Reactor will be your new favorite gear as you run on the roads in the dark.  Featuring a 100 Lumen CREE LED light and red flashing LEDs at the rear, the Reactor weighs in at only 400 grams (with batteries) – ideal for the serious overnight relay or endurance racers.  It's the utmost in reflective and proactive road safety.  Designed to ride high on the upper torso, the Reactor also has a single back pocket for cell phone storage and a tie-down bungie to carry sandals or an extra t-shirt.  What are you waiting for?  

Practical Travel Gear’s Review: LiteBelt 100

Another great review for our best-selling model, LiteBelt 100, by "Practical Travel Gear" travel writer and editor Amy Whitley .  For the full article click the link below.
"As a runner, hiker, and backcountry skier, I’ve tried out several styles of safety lights for outdoor pursuits. For around-the-camp activities, I’ve fallen in love with my head lamp, but a beam that will bounce around while I run or ski just won’t do. Enter GoMotion LiteBelt 100. When I first saw the GoMotion LiteBelt, I was skeptical. Surely a waist belt, fanny pack-style pockets, and duel lights (one LED beam, one flashing safety light) was overkill. But then again, I’d tried all the clip-style LEDs out there, and one by one they had fallen off, dimmed, or just stopped working. I worried that the LiteBelt would feel too heavy or bulky, even though the construction was lightweight mesh. Then I strapped it on for my first pre-dawn run. This light is so comfortable! I would never have believed it to look at it, but I truly forget I have it on. The waist belt does not have to be buckled tightly to feel snug, and the beam does not bounce around as I thought it would. The belt sits comfortably below my waist, and the reflective orange hex mesh is as breathable and lightweight as GoMotion promises. GoMotion uses a 100 CREE LED light which can be set on three levels of beam intensity by the push of a little button. You can also adjust the size of the light from ‘flood’ to ‘spotlight’.  I use flood while I run; spotlight would be more useful while setting up camp in the dark, or trying to read something."  

Runner’s World Reviews LiteBelt 100!

Daylight Saving Time ended Sunday morning. For runners who can’t take advantage of brighter mornings and can’t get out midday, that means finding the right gear to illuminate any run after 5 p.m.   As we talked about last year at this time, there are a variety of good headlamps out there. There is also a range of hand-held flashlights. But, did you know about the option to wear a light around your waist? We recently tested the GoMotion LiteBelt 100($59.95) to see how it measures up for running in the dark.Check it out at: